Roma was amongst the first artists in Argentina to begin experimenting with graffiti. Inspired by hip hop culture and New York style graffiti, Roma began his career as a writer in 1996. His style evolved over time and by 2000 he had begun moving away from letter based pieces.

Mixing bright colours with geometric and organic forms, Roma’s style is both playful and abstract. Much of his work, both graffiti & murals alike stem from his love of improvisation. Many of his street pieces are inspired by his surroundings and by the wall itself.

Though very adept at creating gorgeous landscapes and surreal cartoonish figures, Roma’s urban works are generally abstract explorations of forms and colour. His pieces are immediately recognisable for their riotous colours, diamond forms and undulating tentacles.

Beyond city walls and canvases, Roma’s imagination and creativity have transformed tables, chairs, skateboards and even vehicles. His recent pieces have included abandoned box cars and buildings in his native barrio of Ballester, where he can often be seen collaborating with other local artists.

Roma plays an active role in his community, and as well as injecting flashes of colour into his surroundings, he shares his talents through teaching at local universities.