Buenos Aires tours – graffiti and street art

Our guided Buenos Aires tours reveal the extraordinary history of the city’s vibrant urban art culture. From its fiery political origins to the modern context in which Buenos Aires has become one of the world’s most exciting cities for street art, you’ll get an in-depth view into what makes this fascinating city explode with culture and creativity.

graffitimundo is a non-profit organisation, supporting the urban art scene of Buenos Aires. Our tours are developed in close collaboration with local artists, enabling us to share their personal stories and motivations, alongside the most spectacular art  in the city.

If you’d like to join us on a tour, you can get in touch with us directly here.

We recommend taking the tour at the beginning of your trip, and booking in advance as spaces are limited.


Our walking tour takes you through the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Colegiales and into the hidden enclaves of Palermo Hollywood. This tour provides fresh insight into the modern movement of Buenos Aires’ street art, with a brief introduction to the country’s fascinating history and the culture of self expression in the streets.

Tour starts in Colegiales and finishes in Palermo Hollywood. This tour is led in English, costs USD 33 per person and is subject to cancellation in case of inclement weather.

Tuesday July 23, 1-3pm.
Monday August 5, 3pm-5pm.

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This is our original and most popular tour. This tour provides a visually stunning introduction to the vibrant world of urban art in Buenos Aires and its compelling history.
We explore the barrios of Colegiales, Chacarita, Villa Crespo and Palermo, neighbourhoods which feature a rich variety of art from leading local and international artists. While we visit amazing walls and take in examples of all the major styles, you will learn how the country’s history is connected to the movement, and how street art has evolved in Buenos Aires.
This route will introduce you to artworks of many different artists, and will also give you the chance to see how the scene is evolving in different spaces, as we include visits to two urban art galleries. The tour is led in English, and we explore both on foot and using our private air-conditioned minibus. The tour finishes in Post Bar in Palermo, home to the unique artist run street art gallery Hollywood in Cambodia.

*Currently available only in private*

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Our tour explores several areas of the south of the city, namely the historic and industrial barrios of La Boca and Barracas. These neighbourhoods are steeped in art and history, and home to some of the most huge and spectacular murals in the city as well as recent urban art festivals and artistic projects.
This route combines the historical framework that has shaped the different facets of the graffiti and urban art movement of Buenos Aires with large scale projects far off the beaten path. This tour takes an in-depth look at the effect of politics, economics and social change on Buenos Aires street art and activism. You’ll finish the tour with a greater understanding of how Buenos Aires’ history has influenced public expression.
This tour is led in English and we explore both on foot and using our private air-conditioned minibus. The tour finishes in a central location in San Telmo.

*Currently available only in private*

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For anyone looking for a personalised and completely unique experience we offer private tours, where we can tailor the experience to whatever best suits your schedule and interests.
If you would like to visit galleries and artist studios we work with the scene’s leading artists and would love to guide you through the city’s emerging art scene.
We can also combine visits to stunning art in open air galleries around the city with a free-hand aerosol or stencil workshop lead by a local artist.

– tours available on request and tailored to your schedule
– tours available in English and Spanish
– private transport, including pick up and drop off anywhere in the city
– contact us about options and pricing