Pum Pum

Pum Pum is one the best known female artists participating in the street art scene of Buenos Aires, and is another artist who took her talents in design and illustration to the city walls.

Like other artists from similar backgrounds, Pum Pum uses latex paints to create beautifully precise pieces. Lacking a background in letter based graffiti and aerosol art, she found using spray paint unnatural and preferred to work with more familiar tools such as paintbrushes and rollers.

Unlike some of her contemporaries, who chose to paint cartoon-like characters on the walls of Buenos Aires as a way of bringing much needed positivity to the streets, Pum Pum always drew from her own personal inspiration. Her characters are based on themes that have been a part of her life since childhood, and common subjects include cats, rabbits, birds and cute but punky blond haired girls.

While Pum Pum’s style meant that her creations would always blend seamlessly with the colorful collages of cartoon characters taking over the walls of the city, she also frequently collaborates on murals with artists such as Nerf, whose three dimensional abstract graffiti offers a completely different aesthetic to that of her own.