The Hidden Walls of Buenos Aires

Filled as Things We Love

One of the things we love most about the urban art scene in Buenos Aires is how it hides in plain sight.

Towering murals are hidden within industrial neighbourhoods and humble historic barrios, their only audience the local workers and residents who pass them. Even in the center of the city thousands of people will walk past murals, oblivious to their presence. Art is such an established part of the urban landscape that for many it fades into the background.

Jocelyn Mandryk is the co-founder of Foto Ruta, who run brilliant photography tours of Buenos Aires. Last year she joined for a private tour, and we explored the art hidden throughout  the city.

Her photographs demonstrate the stunning variety of work found in a city in which every barrio has its own story and distinctive spaces for artists to paint.

You can see more work from Jocelyn Mandryk’s personal portfolio here: