Puente: A Public Art Project in Córdoba

When discussing Argentine urban art, there’s a tendency to talk only of Buenos Aires. However there’s also a wealth of artistic talent to be found outside the capital. The city and artists of Córdoba for example, deserve recognition for their own developing urban art movement.

Tec hails from Córdoba and his stunning Ruta 9 project from 2010 aimed to beautify the derelict buildings alongside the abandoned Cordobese motorway, with the desolate geographic expanse providing an impressive backdrop.

And in the last year or so, the street art scene in Córdoba has been given a huge boost  thanks to the efforts of Kosovo Gallery, its first urban art gallery, co-run by the street artist Elian.

In addition to producing many wonderful exhibitions in the last year, Kosovo has also been instrumental in developing public art schemes, helping to establish the strong link between the gallery space and the streets and people of the city.

Puente (Bridge) is the title of their latest public art project which is supported by the local government and businesses. The idea of Puente is to use street art to encourage urban renewal. Alongside the painting of murals by the talented artists Martin Ron, Elian, Gualicho and Peter Quatrix, areas will be improved with more street lights, cleaner streets and better access for people with disabilities.

This is a great example of how artists, local councils and corporations can work together to beautify cities and in turn make the streets more enjoyable and secure environments.  In a country where street art is accepted and welcomed by the communities there is such great potential for harnessing artists talents and using street art to create positive urban change.

Kosovo will be sending out an open call for Argentine artists interested in participating in future editions of the project.


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