Kickstarter campaign – thank you!

Filled as Things We Love

We are truly humbled by the incredible support we’ve received for our Kickstarter project. As of Sunday night we met our financial target for the campaign, and have secured the essential funds we need to complete filming. This film has been a labour of love for us from the start, and we’re so happy that we’re going to be able to finish the film and do the story justice. To everyone who has backed this project, promoted it and helped make it possible – thank you.

We’ve just a few hours to go until the end of the campaign, and would still love for more people to get involved. We still have amazing rewards to offer backers. Any additional funding we receive at this stage will go towards making the film even better. It will gives us more time to film, more resource to organize painting sessions and even more opportunities to connect with artists outside of Buenos Aires

Whilst Kickstarter is coming to a close, we will still be campaigning to raise funds for editing, animation, post production and all the things we need to do to sculpt the raw footage into a finished film.So we hope you will continue to spread the word! The more people we can involve in this project, the better it will be for their support

Gracias y abrazos a todos!