Program of Workshops in UNION Gallery

graffitimundo and UNION welcome autumn with a program of workshops run by celebrated local urban artists.

Intended for both beginners and those with experience, the workshops offer a unique opportunity to experiment with new techniques under the direction of renowned artists.

Workshops are run in Spanish but are open to all. To sign up for any of the following, please email us at  Spaces are limited!



Description of Workshop
The workshop begins with a presentation of the history and theory of stencil, looking at different examples of the technique and its use throughout history. The artist will guide participants through the entire process, from the selection of images to their adaptation to the stencil using various mediums, including photocopying and Photoshop. Once the images have been chosen, each student will learn techniques of cutting, and will tackle the different challenges that come with designing and producing a stencil.

About the Artist
Cabaio began painting in the streets as part of the artistic collective Vomito Attack, a group motivated by political activism. In 2005, he started working on a solo project, developing a style that reflected a more personal and intuitive means of expression: colourful compositions, the repetition of geometric figures, the use of figurative elements and the inclusion of calligraphy.

Requirements: No prior experience necessary

Date: Saturday 23rd April
Time: 14 – 18hrs
Cost: 450AR$ per person, includes materials



Description of Workshop
This workshop offers an informal view of geometry, the construction of modules, patterns and their uses and applications in contemporary art. The workshop includes a talk in which the general concepts of geometry will be discussed, images will be analyzed and examples of geometry in different eras and cultures will be seen. Following this, each participant will produce different modules and patterns on paper employing various techniques of drawing, painting and stencil. The workshop concludes with experiments and debate about the finished product.

Take a peak of a previous workshops here: Video (Password: “Peliculas”)

About the artist
The work of Hernan Lombardo, a.k.a. NASA, is rooted in graphic design, architecture and modern art and is also influenced by the “do it yourself” philosophy. NASA belongs to a generation of artists who began to intervene in the city in 2000, changing the perception of the urban space.

Requirements: No prior experience necessary

Date: Saturday 7th May
Time: 14 – 18hrs
Cost: 500AR$ per person, including materials



Description of Workshop
The class begins with an introduction to collage and its uses as a creative tool in the production of an artwork. Participants will experiment freely with collage on paper by employing different textures, shapes and colours. Practical exercises are intended to help develop diverse perspectives, and the idea of balance in  abstract composition will be explored. The workshop culminates with the practical application of collage to an object, in this case the use of sublimation to transfer the unique design of each student to a mug, which they can then bring home.

About the Artist
Defi Gagliardo was a founding member of FASE, a multidisciplinary collective of art, design and music. Together with other collectives, they were the creative forces that generated an urban art form based on graphic design, characterised by bright colours, cartoon characters and lots of positivity. Defi’s compositions vary between the abstract and the figurative and are typified by big explosive gestures, colours and textures.

Requirements: No prior experience necessary

Date: Saturday 14st May
Time: 14 – 18hrs
Cost: 500AR$ per person, does NOT include materials

Thank you to Montana Colors for accompanying us!

Cabaio Stencil Workshop