Nueva Intervención de Julian Manzelli "Chu" en Avellaneda

New Intervention by Julián Manzelli “Chu” for Fundación Andreani

On Saturday, March 27, 2021, the last urban intervention by visual artist Julián Manzelli aka “Chu”, was inaugurated at Andreani’s Logistics & Operations plant located in Avellaneda, Province of Buenos Aires. The interventions consist of a 34mts long by 18mts high mural on the façade of 104 Piovani Avenue, and an intervention on a water tank that rises 13 meters high.

The new artworks are part of Fundación Andreani’s “Interventions” initiative which seeks to promote contemporary art in varios non-conventional formats and platforms.

New intervention by Julián Manzelli "Chu" in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires.
Nueva Intervención de Julian Manzelli “Chu” en Avellaneda

To carry out this large-scale interventions, Chu has a team of collaborators who have been assisting him for many years. For this particular mural, he had the assistance of two young artists, Joaquín Longinotti and Nicolás Germani.

For the composition of both interventions, Manzelli arranged a map of interrelated elements that build up a great abstract articulation “that plays with the figurative and works really well with it’s surroundings”, states Manzelli. “For years I have been incorporating into my body of work, a graphic system of interconnected dots which articulate and generate, not only mechanical compositions or processes, but interrelations, constellations, conflicts, links. The use of this system seemed a perfect idea for this mural suggesting a composition like a great meta-map with all its elements”.

Proceso intervención sobre tanque de agua

Julián Manzelli Chu arte urbano
Intervención en Tanque de Agua por Julián Manzelli “Chu”

The Documentary, by Juan Ignacio Zevallos

The interventions and the testimonies of the protagonists were recorded by Juan Ignacio Zevallos in a beautiful 18-minute documentary. The film not only shows the behind the scenes of the production but also captures the artist in his studio, collects the testimonies of the attendees as well as that of Francisco, an artist in charge of maintaining the gardens of the Andreani site for 25 years.

The documentary is available at Fundación Andreani’s Youtube channel.

Photos courtesy of Grow Up Art Films.


Detalle del mural de Julián Manzelli
Detalle del mural de Julián Manzelli