“Respiración” – new exhibition from Gualicho at Honeycomb

If you haven’t been to Honeycomb (a beautiful project space and art gallery in Palermo) to see Gualicho’s current exhibit, we highly recommend you do so before the show finishes at the end of June. This exhibition is a stunning collection of works by this elusive and eclectic artist, and an excellent representation of his style and multiple-medium expertise.

The exhibition is titled “Respiración¨ (Breathing). The first thing you see as you enter the space is an elaborately sculpted ceramic baboon face sporting a serene expression with its mouth slightly agape, perhaps taking the first breath of the show.

Gualicho’s works trace a path between the external and the internal world. Evident in titles like “Use your pain” and “Internal and external space”, the artist delves into our innermost processes, and explores the relation between the depths of human nature and the light of the waking world.

The exhibit is composed of works on canvas, found pieces of wood, screenprints and painted ceramic plates and tiles, featuring Gualicho’s typical palette of bold colors and mystical forms.

Moody moonlit landscapes stretch across large canvases, mysterious and haunting. Pieces rife with symbolism offer provocative glimpses into Gualicho’s dark inner worlds.

His screenprints feature labyrinthine worlds composed of organic and amorphous forms, which blend seamlessly with industrial components to create Gualicho’s surreal universe.

To see a catalogue of works from the exhibition, or to arrange a visit to Honeycomb gallery to see it in person please contact Honeycomb by email:info@inthehoneycomb.com

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