New collaboration between Ever & ROA

Filled as New Art

We got to spend some time with the artist ROA over the Christmas period. A very cool guy and an incredibly talented artist whose iconic paintings of animals grace the walls of cities around the world.

Roa painted three pieces in Buenos during his stay. A partially skinned animal now hangs on the terrace above Hollywood in Cambodia gallery, a sloth occupies an abandoned building near the studio space shared by Jaz, Ever & Pastel, and during his last few days Roa and Ever painted a remarkable piece on the front of a squatted building in Palermo Viejo.

The collaborative piece is titled “The people feed communism to the beast”.

Roa paints animals which are native to the countries he visits and which hold a symbolic relevance to the context in which he paints, whilst Ever uses the aesthetics of Chinese propaganda to explore the relationship between ideological fantasy and reality.

The surreal image of Chairman Mao’s disembodied head being offered to an elephant seal is both visually arresting and intriguing in its symbolism.

See more from Roa on his flickr, and more from Ever on his website.