Jaz + Ever

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We’re really excited to present Jaz + Ever, a new exhibition at The Oasis Clubhouse. The show opened on Tuesday 20 March and will be running for 2 more weeks.

Jaz (Franco Fasoli) & Ever (Nicolas Romero) are two of the leading artists to emerge from the Buenos Aires urban art scene.

Buenos Aires is an extraordinary city. Its turbulent history and long standing tradition of popular, public expression has promoted a climate of tolerance, respect and admiration towards public art. Whilst street art and graffiti is often characterised as vandalism and a visible symbol of urban decay, Buenos Aires represents a new paradigm – a city with a thriving urban art scene built upon a foundation of respect, in which the lines between graffiti and muralism have become blurred.

Jaz and Ever have developed as artists in a city which has nurtured their talents, allowing them to experiment in an environment free from the repression which inhibits urban art in other international cities. Both artists began by painting letters, inspired by the global culture of graffiti. But over time they decided to move beyond the established conventions of letter based graffiti, in pursuit of their own styles, techniques and method of interacting with the public.

An artist should not be defined by the surface on which they paint. Both Jaz & Ever have a long standing relationship with urban art, but they are not defined by their decision to paint in public space. Each artist has developed a distinctive visual language, and their styles and techniques have been shaped by their street paintings. However both artists are equally comfortable projecting their concepts onto canvas, wood and other more traditional supports.

graffitimundo has the pleasure of presenting original artwork from Jaz & Ever, in an exhibition which pays tribute to the work of two truly remarkable artists and the scene from which they have emerged.

If you’d like to visit the exhibition, just email us at info@graffitimundo.com and we’ll arrange a viewing.