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Incredible artwork from Tester – Graffitimundo

Incredible artwork from Tester

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Tester is an enigmatic and entirely self taught artist, and is one half of the artist collective rundontwalk. One of Buenos Aires’ most celebrated urban artists, Testers’ style is influenced by punk culture and firmly rooted in the art of sketching and freehand painting as opposed to conventional letter-based graffiti.

With his unique and intuitive visual style, Tester possesses a sense of creativity unaffected by conventional cultural and artistic norms. He incorporates a number of different styles and techniques into his work, combining his love of painting with stencil and screen printing.

Improvisation is essential to his process, and whilst Tester has filled dozens of sketchbooks, the majority of his paintings on canvas and found objects are created in the moment.

His most characteristic works are dense and explosive, and tend to straddle the boundary between figurative and abstract. Tester frequently integrates stamped words and lines of text into his pieces, but insists that there is no meaning to be found, or at least none encoded intentionally. Packed into his pieces are strange animals, bizarre faces and abstract phrases that hint at meaning but defy attempts to grasp it.

Here are some examples of Tester’s stunning work. Pledge $500 USD to the White Walls Kickstarter campaign and you’ll be rewarded with a medium format (50×70 approx) piece of original art.

For more information visit our project page: http://bit.ly/whitewallssaynothing