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Casacuberta stencil art project – Graffitimundo

Casacuberta stencil art project

Casacuberta is an innocuous two block passageway in Parque Patricios (Buenos Aires) which is being slowly transformed into an open air stencil art gallery by bs.as.stncl, rundontwalk and Stencil Land.

The residents of Casacuberta had been inspired by the stencil art seen throughout the city, and invited artists to paint the facades of their homes. The owners provided the materials needed (paint, aerosol, tea and biscuits) and by way of exchange the artists aquired a beautiful space in which to work, and freedom to create whatever they wanted.

All across the world, there are homeowners who lack the freedom to paint the outside of their homes any colour but white. Streets, neighbourhoods and sometimes whole sections of cities have to conform to strict visual guidelines which are regulated by an environmental planning department. By contrast, whilst zoning laws exist in the majority of homeowners in Buenos Aires have the freedom to do pretty much whatever they want with their own property.

There are doubtless other cities where homeowners have similar freedoms, but few boast the vibrant urban art scene found in Buenos Aires. Ultimately it is the relationship artists have with the public that defines the scene, and this project serves as an excellent example of what motivated artists and a receptive public can achieve when they collaborate.