Cabaio’s first solo show "La Lluvia" opens in Galeria UNION, 26 June

Galeria UNION is proud to present “La Lluvia”, the first solo exhibition from Cabaio.

Cabaio began painting in 2001 in the stencil collective Vomito Attack, unleashing dark humour and caustic socio-political commentary in the aftermath of the economic crisis. He currently works solo under the name Cabaio, and as part of the art collective Chen-Chen, together with Brasilian artist Clara Domingas.

Cabaio has a distinctive style, using multiple layers of stencils to create intricate and visually arresting works. For his first solo show, Cabaio has created a diverse collection of 20 artworks on paper, canvas and wood. The exhibition presents aesthetics and concepts developed throughout his painting career, both in the streets and his studio, in a deeply personal collection of works that range from the emotive and intimate, to the polemic and political.

The chaotic beauty of life in the city requires us to live with overwhelming levels of visual stimulation. Cabaio demonstrates a heightened sensitivity to his urban surroundings and  ‘La Lluvia’ acts as a form of catharsis for the artist. He channels  the volatile energy of the city, capturing its chaos and beauty which he transforms into unique works of art.

Opening: Thursday 26 June,  5pm-10pm
Closes: 28 August
Venue: Galeria UNION, Carlos Calvo 736, San Telmo, Buenos Aires
Opening Hours:  Monday, Wednesday & Friday 12-17hs
Please email us prior to your visit to arrange a viewing: