"White Walls Say Nothing" Kickstarter Campaign goes live

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For the past four years, graffitimundo has been dedicated to building the profile of Buenos Aires’ thriving urban art scene, working in close collaboration with a network of its leading artists.

Two years ago graffitimundo began a project to document the scene and explore its roots. We began to research the evolution of urban art, unearthing archive footage from different eras in the city’s history. We have interviewed a broad range of artists, capturing their art, their vision and their stories. Our aim is to make a feature documentary which explores urban art and activism, and the changing role of expression in public space.

We have a brilliant team that has put two years work into this project. But in order to finish filming, and truly do the project justice we need some financial support, to cover some of the essential costs of production.

To help support our project, we have launched a fundraising campaign through the online platform Kickstarter. For anyone unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a funding platform for creative projects. The beauty of Kickstarter is that we can involve people in the production of our film and reward their support at the same time.

You can visit our kickstarter page until October 31st, to learn about our documentary and make a donation in exchange for unique rewards, including original artwork from some of the scene’s leading artists.

Kickstarter functions on an all-or-nothing premise. We are giving ourselves 30 days to reach our fundraising goal, and if we fall short, we get nothing. So even if you don’t feel you could contribute much – please know that every dollar counts! And every effort you make to help promote the project helps us reach new potential backers.

The full kickstarter project link is here: kck.st/whitewallssaynothing

Here’s a trailer for the film we want to make. With your support we can make it happen. We hope you will back our project!