Artwork Catalogue: ‘GALAXY’ by Pum Pum

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Gallery UNION is currently featuring “Galaxy”, the new exhibition by Pum Pum.  Pum Pum first appeared in the streets of Buenos Aires in 2004 when she began to fill the walls with her cute characters; cats, birds, and punky girls with tattoos. Her artworks have since found their way into galleries across the world, from Berlin to London and Washington, DC, while her murals have cropped up on walls as far as Paris and Tunis.

This collection sees the artist expanding on her new foray into more 3 dimensional works, using laser-cut wood to dissect and reassemble her by now well-known cast of 2 dimensional characters in layered works painted with aerosol. This is a singular body of work, which also has the artist exploring the medium of aerosol for the first time in her career.

The show celebrates the forms and ordered chaos that are naturally occurring in the creative Universe of the artist. The exhibit includes artworks in a variety of formats including a limited edition of silkscreen prints, collage pieces in wood and cut acrylic, and a mural.


Pum Pum: I love trying out new methods and techniques. This year I experimented using the development of different layers to generate depth… It’s a constant game of trial and error, like with any experiment. This is what most interests me in thinking about using this premise as the basis for this exhibit.

I’d like to continue on a pathway towards volumetric work, towards 3 dimensional space while referencing 2 dimensional forms. I’m interested in dividing the forms that I typically use into deconstructed pieces.

Excerpt from interview with Pum Pum, read the full article here.


You can view and download the catalogue of artworks here.

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