Turbo Galeria presents XXL: large format urban art

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We miss Turbo. The closure of their Palermo gallery (run by the Doma collective) marked the end of an era. The gallery closed in style, hosting a raucous costumed street parade through the barrio.

The event also marked the beginning of a new stage in Turbo’s evolution. Turbo became a nomadic gallery, curating exhibitions in virtual spaces and through pop up events.

Turbo’s most recent pop up event opened on Saturday. The keenly anticipated show is entitled XXL and showcases large format artwork from a host of celebrated Argentina & Brazilian urban artists, including works from bs.as.stncl, Chu, Malatesta, Defi, Doma, Ever, Fede Minuchin, Jaz, Mart, Nasa, P3DRO, Tec & Tester from Argentina, and OnioBase V & Lelo from Brazil among others.

The exhibition is held in in Barrio Chino, La Boca. Anyone familiar with La Boca will know that the character of the neighbourhood changes dramatically once you leave the tourist mecca of Caminito. Venture a few blocks away from Caminito’s stylised homage to  “what La Boca once was” and you’ll find genuine 150 year old “conventillos” – shared tenement buildings built using materials salvaged from the ship yards.

The gallery space, cryptically named “The Breakfast of Champions” is cavernous – a former storage warehouse transformed into gallery. The towering white walls showcase dozens of spectacular large format artworks.

The distinctive artistic styles found in the streets of Buenos Aires are well represented in the exhibition. An array of stencils, geometric forms, figurative works and complex collages captures the spirit of the city walls, and the energy and dynamism of urban art.

The exhibition showcases the talents of a generation of young artists – the pioneers of urban art in Argentina. This collective exhibition of works embodies a unique visual language that has been crafted through a decade of artistic collaboration, and the cross pollination of techniques and ideas.

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The exhibition is only until Saturday 10th of December. Viewings can be arranged by appointment throughout the week between 2pm and 8pm, contact us if you’re interested in visiting.

You can download a full catalogue of artwork here, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding the exhibition and artwork.

Turbo XXL
California 928, La Boca
Until December 10th
2pm – 8pm

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