graffitimundo joins the Google Cultural Institute

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graffitimundo is pleased to join Google’s Cultural Institute as a partner on Google’s new Street Art Project which launched today. graffitimundo is one of 30 global partners to contribute to this new platform which aims to document and preserve street art from around the world.

graffitimundo has uploaded more than 300 images to form a collection of some of the best examples of urban art from Buenos Aires, both past and present. In addition, graffitimundo’s curated exhibitions explore different aspects of the scene and its history.

The high resolution images can be viewed at high levels of magnification, revealing minute levels of detail such as brush strokes and wall texture. The images are available for viewing purposes only and the platform is strictly non commercial, all intellectual property rights remain with the artists.

Jonny Robson from graffitimundo says, ‘ The Google Art Project supports our work in documenting and promoting the Buenos Aires urban art scene. We have created a collection of works which give viewers from around the world an insight into this extraordinary scene.’

The project launched  with events in Paris and Buenos Aires. The Buenos Aires event will featured live painting and projections from artists Pum Pum, Cabaio and Chu.

Visit graffitimundo’s collection of works here.