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Chu + Defi + Tec in Choque Cultural Sao Paulo – Graffitimundo

Chu + Defi + Tec in Choque Cultural Sao Paulo

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The Buenos Aires artists Chu, Defi and Tec open their new exhibition at Choque Cultural in Sao Paulo on Saturday 28 April.

These three early pioneers of Buenos Aires street art have been collaborating for over 10 years, since they met at the University of Buenos Aires. Sharing ideas based around the motto ‘Do It Yourself’, they formed the art collectives Doma and Fase, and went on to play key roles in the artistic movement which responded to the 2001 economic crisis in Argentina.

The vibrancy of their art, pared with its bold simplicity engaged the public, and demonstrated the power that art has in transforming public spaces. Their early interventions played an important role in defining the relationship between the artists, street art and the public.

Though their provocative styles have a natural resonance with the streets, Chu, Defi and Tec work on a wide range of formats. The artists have deeply unique individual styles, but maintain a collective ethos – creating collaborative work that transcends the individual artist and transforms spaces whether they’re inside or out. The new exhibition at Choque Cultural provides an insight into how their art has developed after a decade of explosive interventions.

“BsAs” from Tec, Defi and Chu @ Choque Cultural
Saturday 28 April – 2 June 2012
Choque Cultural, Rua Joao Moura 997 Pinheiros choquecultural.com.br

images from top: chu, tec + defi