Catalogue of Artworks by Christian Riffel (Poeta)

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“Ver sólo se aprende Mirando” (You only learn to see by looking) is the new exhibition by Christian Riffel aka Poeta in UNION Gallery.  Populating the space with drawings, paintings, videos and installations, the artist invites us to rethink our way of seeing.

Exhibition in UNION Gallery

In this unique solo show we get a glimpse into Riffel’s internal processes and artistic trajectory.  With delicate pieces in watercolour and ink we see the genesis of an idea or mural.  In refined pastel canvases we’re confronted with a more subtle version of the artist’s abstract geometric muralism.  The installations and sculpture provide hints as to the artist’s current musings and future directions.

Lejos del Ruido II / Acrylic on canvas / 72 x 62cm / 2016

The exhibition features more than 25 original artworks, and is curated by Pablo Frezza, graduate of art administration and curatorship who specializes in geometric and concrete art of Argentina.

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Transparencia III / Ink on paper / 29 x 22 cm / 2016
Diálogo entre dos intolerantes / Acrylic on canvas / 200 x 200cm / 2016

Images by Catalina Romero