Pedro Perelman

Pedro Perelman is a member of FASE, a multi-disciplinary art, music and design collective which formed in Buenos Aires in 2000. Working with other artists, they pioneered the city’s street art scene. In his solo project, Perelman’s works are marked by their experimental character and graphic quality.

Perelman studied at the University of Design of Buenos Aires, where he has also worked as a teacher, and his design background has influenced both his murals and his more traditional artistic projects. His work, which displays a careful balance between organic and geometric forms, and incorporates both subtle and explicit elements, is carried out in a variety of mediums including canvases, walls, silkscreen prints, engravings and installations. The protagonists are often surreal characters, sleepwalking robots and synthesisers. The worlds depicted in his paintings provide a visual representation of Perelman’s other life – that of a musician.

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