Originally from Korea, Nerf has grown up in Argentina most of his life and has been painting graffiti for 15 years. Though his art is heavily influenced by the New York graffiti styles and hip hop of the 1970’s, Nerf is perhaps best known and admired for his distinctive style of 3D isometric forms.

Whereas many artists use computer software and masking tape to achieve the perfect angles and lines that make this 3D style visually pop off the wall, Nerf has reached a master’s level of skill, and paints his elaborate sculptural works completely free-hand.

Nerf’s pieces can be found blending into cohesive murals with street artists as well as lined up side by side along walls with other formidable graffiti writers. His abstract 3D style is incredibly versatile, and his futuristic landscapes of mutable shapes and bright colors enable him to blend seamlessly into murals of any artistic style.

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