Once a student of fine arts and graphic design, Ice’s murals were initially influenced by hip-hop style graffiti. In the 1990’s when letter based graffiti first began to hit the streets in Buenos Aires, he developed a penchant for aerosol while remaining independent from the crews that began to form as part of the movement.

Inspired by the breadth of possibilities offered by muralism, Ice’s artwork has gravitated towards a wide range of figurative subjects. With flawless technique, Ice uses latex paint and aerosol to conjure up portraits of familiar faces and whimsical landscapes, lifelike bugs and animals, and his notorious mushrooms, which have popped up throughout Buenos Aires as a signature image of the artist.

Ice has painted murals and lead workshops across Argentina as well as in Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brasil and Peru. He has also participated in events such as Ciudad Emergente, Arte Patricios, Meeting of Styles Festivals, and Latido Americano, among others.

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