Ever began his career as a graffiti writer in the streets of Buenos Aires in the 90’s. His style developed almost accidentally as he began painting portraits of ex-lovers and his brother. Through giving importance to the inconsequential, the anonymous faces he adorned the city walls with were imbued with an unintentional gravitas by the viewer. His philosophy was, and still is, that graffiti is a point of connection for people.

Ever explores the themes of religion, contradiction and politics in his murals. He is fascinated by the human body and uses this as an artistic vehicle, combining portraits or figurative studies with social critique. His style is more closely related to traditional fine art and he is highly skilled with both aerosol and latex. His compositions are often vibrant in colour and he has recently begun to experiment with art installations, providing commentaries on current events using stuffed animals, ping-pong tables and toilets.

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