Elian Chali was born and raised in Cordoba, where he currently lives. His relationship with the streets began with adolescent tagging and although his background is in graphic design, as an artist he is self-taught. Elian’s work focuses on creating a dialogue with the urban fabric, letting the characteristics of the wall inform the piece. He identifies with urbanism and architecture more than muralism or graffiti.

Stylistically, his work is notable for adhering to a disciplined form of minimalism and abstraction, influenced by North American artists such as Sol LeWitt. Employing a parametric set of primary colours, the artist uses layers, overlapping and opacity to create geometric compositions that either reflect, engage with, or disrupt the planes of the built environment he works on. Latex is his material of choice and although he favours the streets over studio work, he is equally adept at working on canvas as he is on walls.

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