Doma, formed by Mariano Barbieri, Julian Pablo Manzelli (Chu), Matias Vigliano (Parquerama), and Orilo Blandini, came of age in 1998 amidst the Argentinean political and economic collapse, immediately taking a critical, yet optimistic and fun, stance against the chaotic environment they experienced. The collective creates fantastic, absurd and often playful conceptual universes and characters that make a direct reference to the society in which they live.

Doma’s early urban interventions made the group one of the most important collectives Buenos Aires in the 1990s. Known for wacky, attention-grabbing urban installations as well as stencils, street projections and strange campaigns verging on performance art, Doma turned strong social and political content on its head in order to provoke its audience.

Currently, Doma works with various media, mainly audiovisual, creating animations, films, drawings, silkscreens, and sculptures, which are usually part of large installations.

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