Cabaio began painting in the streets following the Argentine economic crisis of 2001 as part of the stencil collective Vomito Attack, a politically motivated group who used stencil art to unleash caustic political commentary and anti-consumerist messages throughout Buenos Aires. Departing from Vomito Attack in 2005, he adopted the name Cabaio Stencil and began creating independently.

Following his initiation in heavily anti-political and anti-establishment street art, Cabaio has developed an elaborate style of collage-like layering with carefully curated imagery, which reflects a more personal and intuitive expression. His stencil compositions are dense and colorful and are characterized by the repetition of geometric shapes combined with figurative and textual elements.

Cabaio has exhibited in galleries around the world. He creates spontaneous stencil interventions in the public sphere as well as custom works on canvas and other mediums.

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