Jorge Pomar, also know as “Amor”, is an artist who credits the diversity, chaos and vitality of the public realm as being his primary artistic influence. From an early age he has seen the streets as forum for play, experimentation and exploration, both as a skateboarder and a young graffiti artist. While in many respects he has gradually moved away from graffiti, the tag is still deeply rooted in his work as a fundamental element and action.

Esthetically, Amor evades definition, allowing himself to be inspired instead by different areas of focus which lead him in a wide range of creative directions. However, his work is characterized by the use of bold, primary colours which evoke an innocence that acts as a foil to the more powerful themes he tackles, such as war and capitalism.

Amor’s work offers a glimpse into the personal world of the artist, where symbols embody both a unique vision and a universality that coexist in his art. In addition to painting murals, he has delved into ceramics to create more sculptural pieces, and in 2015 made a documentary of his travels to Europe. His walls can be seen in places as diverse as Argentina, Ukraine, France and Colombia.

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