“RES NON VERBA” New Mural celebrating the work of Cecilia Grierson

“Res Non Verba” is a collaborative mural by Argentine artist Mabel Vicentef and Irish muralist Friz, painted in commemoration of the life and work of Cecilia Grierson. The artwork is located on an exterior wall at the British Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The piece aims to highlight Cecilia Grierson’s legacy. She was a teacher, a philanthropist and the first woman doctor in Argentina. A pioneer in her field, she founded the first nursing school in the country, installed the first aid service at the public health care system in Buenos Aires and stablished a school for children with behavioral, speech and leaning issues, amongst many other assistance activities she performed. However, Dr. Grierson’s core legacy lies in a fusion between the art of teaching and the art of relieving those in need. Her tenacity, perseverance and power of observation allowed her to develop successful actions in the health field which she quickly translated into teaching strategies to continue to enrich the study of her profession.

The mural project was carried out thanks to the collaboration between the Embassy of Ireland in Buenos Aires and graffitimundo, and had the support of the Government of Ireland which seeks to celebrate the work of women of Irish heritage in our country. The British Cemetery – where Grierson’s remains are buried – joined the project by donating the corner of Elcano Avenue and Avenida del Campo, at Chacarita neighborhood. The Cecilia Grierson Foundation has engaged with the initiative throughout and is supporting the project.

“Res Non Verba” showcases the talents of Mabel Vicentef and Friz who travelled from Ireland to carry out the project. The two meter high by twelve meter long mural seeks to highlight the importance of Cecilia Grierson’s legacy in Argentina.

Video and photo credits to Ignacio de Barrio.