Catalogue of Artworks by Pedro Perelman

“Origen” is the new exhibition by Pedro Perelman in UNION Gallery. This new collection features small and medium-format original artworks on canvas and in wood sculpture. In Origen Perelman transcends the ethnic diversities of his protagonists to look deeper into his origins as an artist. This exhibition represents one more step in the artist’s multi-faceted creative career, which has taken shape over the last 15 years.

Exhibition in UNION Gallery
“Ramón, Robot Proletario” / Wood sculpture / 80 x 60 x 35cm

Pedro Perelman is a member of FASE, a multi-disciplinary art, music and design collective which formed in Buenos Aires in 2000. Working with other artists, they pioneered the city’s street art scene.

Perelman’s works, from large-scale murals to smaller format gallery works, are marked by their experimental character and graphic quality and display a careful balance between organic and geometric forms.

Iguales pero Distintos (Diptych) / Acrylic on canvas / 100 x 70cm each

The exhibition is on display in UNION Gallery until November 21st.
Be sure to check out the interview we did with the artist, where he talks about the inspiration for his latest works, his journey as an artist and his passion for teaching.

View and download the full catalogue of artworks from Origen here.

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El Carregador / Acrylic on canvas / 100 x 70cm
Exhibition in UNION Gallery

Photos: Catalina Romero