Artwork Catalogue: ‘ASIMETRICOS’ by Nasa & Cabaio

Nasa and Cabaio recently collaborated on a mural in the Colegiales neighborhood, as part of their exhibition ‘ASIMETRICOS’ in UNION Gallery.

Although each artist has his own distinctive style, they were able to find common ground deep within their respective works and to use this as a starting point from which the rest of the exhibition was generated.

The mural is the final piece of the puzzle, as the artists come full circle and apply what they learned from the challenge of working together indoors back out to the streets.

Mural at Virrey Aviles and Conde, in Colegiales

In ‘ASIMETRICOS’, the two urban artists come together in a different context to celebrate the spirit of the dynamic encounters which so characterize the local urban art scene. In the gallery setting, their individual and collaborative works give rise to a unique and inimitable exhibition, which cultivates an inter-disciplinary dialogue.

You can view and download the exhibition catalogue here.


Artwork by Cabaio, Mixed media on canvas, 50 x 50cm


Artwork by Nasa, Acrylic on canvas, 71cm diameter
‘ASIMETRICOS’ exhibition at UNION Gallery