Sam and Poeta new mural in Ballester

The geometric kings Poeta and Sam paint a new wall together, their opposing geometric styles work together here,  to create one cohesive composition.

Painted in the neighbourhood they both grew up in, Ballester, Buenos Aires.


Stencil Workshop

Last week we held a stencil workshop with the artist Malatesta in UNION Gallery.

Malatesta began the class with a presentation on the history of stencil, showing different examples of the technique and how it has been used throughout history. Following this, the artist continued with the practical portion of the workshop, guiding students in the selection of images and their adaptation to stencil using both homemade techniques as well as programs like Photoshop. Having chosen images to work with, each student then proceeded to translate them into stencil, experiencing in the process the different challenges presented in designing and cutting templates suitable for painting.



The afternoon ended with an open air paint session, where the group took their newly-cut stencils to the walls, experimenting with different techniques of overlapping and the repetition of images using a variety of colors of aerosol.



Stencil continues to be one of the most effective techniques for creating a striking image. While its effects and results will depend on the talent and experience of the artist, it remains an extremely interesting technique and tool for someone who is just beginning to develop their art.

UNION Gallery holds exhibits of urban art and also offers workshops lead by local artists. To receive more information about upcoming workshops or to organize a private workshop write to us at Experience is not required to participate.

Thank you to Montana Colors for accompanying us!