Pastel – A Touch of Patagonia in La Paternal

Pastel has painted a large commission in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Paternal. Overlooking the train tracks of the San Martin line between La Paternal and Villa Del Parque stations, the new mural graces the facade of a former auto garage, which is in the process of being converted into a photography studio.


The work contains the artist’s signature flowers and sees him continuing the expansion of his colour palette, employing bolder and more intense pigments that echo those present in recent works in Portugal and France. The piece also sees the inclusion of a huemul amongst the leaves, the Patagonian deer from which the photography studio takes its name. This mural sits within a white border, framing and balancing the floral composition.


The wall stands in stark contrast to the despondent nature of its immediate surroundings; across the tracks is an abandoned wine storage warehouse and the empty streets bordering the studio are characteristic of the neighbourhood – low rise residential properties interspersed with auto-shops and industrial buildings. Pastel’s latest offering provides some visual respite in an aesthetically dour part of town. Two sides of the building have been completed, with work on the third to be undertaken in the future.

Sorcha O’Higgins

Galeria UNION has also recently acquired new silkscreens by Pastel- two beautifully detailed new pieces entitled “Lethal Flora” and “Lethal Flora II”. Both are available to be hand-finished by the artist.

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