Cabaio exhibits in UNION

Here are some images of stencil artist Cabaio’s vibrant solo show which opened at our gallery, UNION, at the end of June. You can view the catalogue of artworks here.

If you’d like to view the show in person, just send us a mail to arrange an appointment:

Cabaio la lluvia opening-7

Cabaio la lluvia opening-6

Cabaio la lluvia opening-5


In a city known for its vibrant, rapidly evolving urban art scene – picture garage doors enlivened with splashy color, tall buildings covered in dreamy murals, brick walls tattooed with politically charged stencils – graffiti is no longer relegated the outdoors. The street art enthusiasts behind graffitimundo have opened UNION, a new gallery and project space dedicated to exhibiting the work of prominent urban artists in Buenos Aires and beyond.