Buenos Aires invades Washington DC

On a sultry summer night in Washington DC the graffitimundo team took over the walls of The Fridge gallery, bringing the vibrant colours of the Buenos Aires urban art scene to the American capital.

The Fridge functions as a gallery, community and project space, and has built up an impressive reputation for showcasing unconventional art from graffiti & street artists.

We spent the week leading up to the show playing with power tools, cutting lumber for the frames and assembling the 70 pieces of artwork into a coherent order.

Our aim was to create a show which represented the different visual styles and artistic influences that make up the contemporary urban art scene in Buenos Aires. The show brought together works from artists with backgrounds in graphic design and illustration, punk, skate & stencil and abstract and figurative works from graffiti artists and muralists.

Curating a show with such a variety of different aesthetics, from the comic to the anarchic is always a challenge, but we were very happy with how it all came together. Whilst each artist has their own distinctive voice and visual language, collectively they express common themes and offer a glimpse of the city that has nurtured their talents.

The show will be open until Sunday July 28th. If you live in the DC area we’d love for you to see it.

For those of you who can’t make it, you can download the exhibition catalogue here: bit.ly/talkingwallsDC

Artwork can be delivered anywhere in the world. For any questions about the artwork, the show or artists just get in touch!

The Fridge: 516 1/2 8th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003

Open: Thursday – Saturday: 12pm–8pm  Sunday: 1pm–5pm