Pop Up Art Show

We love the opulent space at The Oasis Clubhouse. Last week we had a lot of fun putting on a pop up art show, featuring works from a selection of urban artists. For the last few months we’ve been working hard on the pre-production for our documentary White Walls Say Nothing, and putting on the show was a great way to focus our energy on a different project.

We were very proud to display works from Cabaio, Chu, Defi, GG, Gualicho, Jaz, Malatesta, Mart, P3DRO, Pastel, Pum Pum, Roma, Sam, Sonni, Stencil Land, rundontwalk & Tester. We transformed the elegantly designed space into a riot of colour and contasts, and were happy to host a packed opening night.

The show will be on for another week – if you are interested in visiting the show please contact us!

You can download a full artwork catalogue from the show here.


Some of the most intriguing and beautiful [graffiti art] can be seen in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The local graffitimundo collective – founded in 2009 – is a group of like minded artists, curators and accidental gallerists.




This week, filming started on a feature-length documentary called White Walls Say Nothing (Paredes blancas no dicen nada in Spanish) that aims to capture the history and contemporary vibrance of Argentine street art.

"White Walls Say Nothing" begins filming

We know we’ve been pretty quiet these last few months, but we have been anything but idle. Following the success of our Kickstarter campaign we’ve  been working hard to plan out the next stages of the documentary.

Our researchers have been digging through video & photographic archives for material which will bring Buenos Aires’ past to life. We have scouted locations, arranged interviews and diligently planned the logistics of the shoot. We have also been planning for the future, and working to secure the funding we need to take us beyond production.

Our crew are now assembled and ready, and we are about to begin eight weeks of intensive shooting, interviewing, shadowing and exploring. We’ve spent over two years working on this film, and it feels like everything we have done has been building up to this moment. We are unbelievably excited to get started, and we’ll be posting regular updates throughout the shoot both on this blog and on our White Walls Say Nothing Tumblr

It’s an incredible feeling, knowing that we are making this film thanks to your support. We couldn’t have got here without you, so once again – THANK YOU ALL!

graffitimundo & the white walls crew

(artwork in main image by rundontwalk)