Street Arte BA: Graffiti en Canvas exhibition

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We love Street Arte BA.

Over the years Street Arte BA developed its own distinctive visual identity and “onda”. Since its beginnings as a huge painting session, the vibe of Street Arte BA has been inclusive and experimental. Their events bring together artists and collectives from different countries, backgrounds and from all ends of the spectrum of visual art.

Their latest exhibition is held at “La Oxigena”, a former oxygen factory managed by the Fundacion Rosenblum. The site has played host to a number of interventions, and the exterior and interior of the building is covered in graffiti, stencils & murals from a number of local and visiting international artists.

Venturing inside the building, past the workshops and artists studios on the lower floors and the building starts to feel like an art squat. The peeling paintwork and crumbling plaster has been partly restored through the course of each painting session, not to mention radically transformed by dozens of artists, each seemingly pursuing their own vision of how to improve the space.

The exhibition is titled  “graffiti en canvas”, and features an eclectic mix of canvas & framed pieces, murals and installations from a number urban artists. The artwork is spread across two floors, both featuring a large central space and a number of smaller adjoining offices. Each office is in a different state of repair, and has its own unique character thanks to the remarkable variety of styles and techniques on display.

Elegantly framed pieces hang next to paint spattered installations. Some artists have chosen to restore the dilapidated offices, others have interacted with the building’s obvious signs of neglect and decay. The show captures the dynamism and experimental quality of urban art, and give the impression of carefully curated anarchy.

The exhibition is open by appointment only every Saturday, from 4pm – 7pm until December 16th.

To make an appointment send an email to, for more details visit

We’ve posted a few photo highlights below, and will be uploading more photos onto facebook and flickr over the next few days.

el decertor
poeta + mart
oz montania + ice

pelos de pluma