Garibaldi Pum urban art project

During August a group of urban artists (including rundontwalkStencil LandMart,
NerfPastelMalatestaPum PumTriangulo Dorado & Maria Bedoian), worked on an urban regeneration project called ‘Garibaldi Pum’. The project took place in the traditional porteño neighborhood of La Boca, in the south of Buenos Aires. Although tourists flock to La Boca to watch tango dancers and to buy colourful souvenirs, it is a deprived area with high levels of poverty.

The project was run by Fundacion X La Boca, an organisation which develops and promotes social, cultural and environmental projects to improve life for people in La Boca. It focused on regenerating  ‘Paseo Garibaldi’, a neglected area between the two popular tourist spots, “El Caminito”, and Boca Junior stadium. Previously the passageway had been a dumping ground for rubbish and rusting abandoned cars. With support from the workers at the Boca stadium, the space was cleaned up and prepared for artists.

The passageway filled with colour. A diverse group of artists created pieces in a variety of styles – abstract muralism, letter-based graffiti and stencil art. Many of the pieces were directly inspired by La Boca itself, referencing the history of the barrio or the famous yellow and blue of Boca Juniors football team.

The finished works are a vibrant visual counterpoint to the obvious signs of neglect throughout the barrio. The project has transformed a neglected space into a community-friendly area, attracting interest from both tourists and residents alike. Whether you call it urban art or graffiti, murals such as these can be instrumental in changing perspectives and social attitudes towards the area. This project vividly demonstrates the power of art to revitalize outdoor city spaces.

Whilst graffiti itself is often viewed as a sign of neglect, this project shows how it can have the opposite effect. This is public art – a sign that an area is cared for, and a source of local pride.

To find out more about the project, visit Fundacion X La Boca.

(Melissa Foss)

Pum Pum @ Garibaldi Pum Pum

Stencil Land @ Garibaldi Pum

Pum Pum @ Garibaldi Pum

Nerf @ Garibaldi Pum

Malatesta @ Garibaldi Pum

Triangulo Dorado @ Garibaldi Pum

Triangulo Dorado @ Garibaldi Pum


Tecnópolis is Argentina’s brand new science, arts and technology fair, located just outside of Capital Federal, Buenos Aires.

The vast, sprawling site features countless exhibits and installations, together with some incredible murals from Argentine artists and art collectives. Following the storming success of the exhibition “Fuera de la Linea“, Lucas Zambrano & Soledad Zambrano were invited to curate what has effectively become Argentina’s largest open air exhibition of work from Buenos Aires street artists.

The towering walls of an exhibition hall offered an enormous shared canvas for a number of artists, including Pastel, Poeta, Mart, Roma, Nazza Stencil, Ever, Triangulo Dorado, Jaz along with Defi, Tec & PMP from the FASE collective. Together they transformed the non-descript warehouse into an extraordinary outdoor gallery, a testament to their talents and remarkable ease working at enormous scales.

A second space featured smaller walls surrounding the Circe de Soleil exhibit. Unfortunately some of the best pieces have been hidden from public view by the backstage area for the performers, but we sneaked behind the barriers to take some photos of works by rundontwalk,, Cabaio Stencil, Stencil Land, Vuala, Proyecto Fauna & the Federacion de Stickboxing.

There are small selection of pieces below, and you can see more on our flickr here.

Jaz @ Tecnopolis

Nazza Stencil @ Tecnopolis

Ever @ Tecnopolis

Mart @ Tecnopolis

Triangulo Dorado @ Tecnopolis

Pum Pum @ Tecnopolis

Stencil Land + Cabaio Stencil + rundontwalk + @ Tecnopolis

Stencil Land @ Tecnopolis