Mural and Art Projects

Over the years graffitimundo has facilitated mural and art commissions for individuals, social organisations, local businesses and multinational brands such as Google and Facebook.

Commercial artwork projects are now managed by Galeria Union, with graffitimundo focusing on non profit, artistic and educational projects.

For example we recently worked with TECHO, a Latin American non profit organisation which seeks to improve the conditions of those living in precarious housing. Techo were looking for an innovative way to communicate their campaign message ‘Cuando tenés un techo, no tenés techo’ (when you have a roof, you have no limits).

Working with local government we found a public location which offered high impact and visibility, reaching hundreds of thousands of people each day.

We assembled a team of artists to work with Techo to develop the visual concept, and La Wife, Tester, Pum Pum, Pelos de Plumas and Amor created a vibrant mural to support Techo’s campaign.

If you are interested in discussing opportunities to collaborate with artists in our network on creative projects please get in touch.


It’s only fitting that in a city named for its pleasant weather, much of the most striking art should be found outdoors.

Battlegrounds and Playgrounds

One of the main objectives of our organisation is to present the urban art scene scene of Buenos Aires within the context of Argentine history and culture. To help reach a wider audience we are working on a book which explores the city’s tradition of expression in the public space through an examination of political and artistic movements that have taken place in the streets over the last century.

The book was recognised as a project of important cultural significance by a city government initiative, and awarded funding to support its production. It is currently scheduled for release in 2015, to coincide with the release of our feature documentary “White Walls Say Nothing”.

If you are interested in learning more about the book and opportunities to collaborate on this project please get in touch.

White Walls Say Nothing

“White Walls Say Nothing” is a feature length documentary we are producing which explores the relationship between art and activism, and the complex dynamics of repression and expression throughout Buenos Aires’ turbulent history.

In October 2012 we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to finance the production of the film. Filming began in 2013 and the film’s release is scheduled for 2015.

If you are interested in learning more about the project, and opportunities to collaborate in the production, please get in touch.

Education and Outreach

As part of our mission to help promote the city’s urban art culture we work with an extensive network of private and public educational bodies, organising tours, workshops and talks for local and international students. We also work with social organisations to help promote the scene and engage people outside of our traditional reach.

Centro Conviven is community centre in Ciudad Oculta, which supports families and children who live in the socially and economically deprived neighbourhood. The centre runs activities for the children, including trips outside of their neighbourhood aimed at showing them different sides of the city they live in.

We were proud to collaborate with Centro Conviven by creating a special tour and workshop for the children, introducing them to urban art and showing them new techniques to paint and express themselves.

We are always happy to work with educational institutions and social organisations who are interested in learning more about the scene and engaging with its artists. Please get in touch if you feel there are opportunities for us to collaborate.