Stencil art in Buenos Aires exploded following the 2001 crash, as stencil collectives and artists took to the streets and covered the city walls in layer upon layer of political and satirical images.

10 years on, the stencil scene remains one of the most remarkable aspects of urban art in Buenos Aires, with pieces demonstrating unparalleled levels of artistry and meticulous technique.

Whereas stencil art in other countries is limited by the need to paint quickly to avoid being arrested, in Buenos Aires it has developed with the luxury of time – enabling artists to push themselves in terms of their compositions and techniques.

Working with a number of leading stencil artists such as rundontwalk, cabaiomalatesta &, graffitimundo arranges stencil workshops for small groups, offering a truly unique opportunity to create your own masterpiece in stencil art with guidance and support from some of the most inspiring street artists working in the streets today.



When: Workshops can be arranged on request,  48 hrs advance notice is required.

Time: The workshops can be tailored to the group and can be organised any day, subject to artist availability.


$45US per person (5-9 people)

$35US per person (10-18 people)

For groups of 4 or less, $225US per workshop

Please contact us for bookings and more information.