Buenos Aires Graffiti & Street Art Tours

is a non-profit organisation which promotes the urban art scene of Buenos Aires and supports local artists.

Our guided tours reveal the extraordinary history of the city’s vibrant urban art culture, from its fiery political origins, to the modern context in which Buenos Aires has become one of the world’s most exciting cities for street art.

We take you off the beaten path to visit hidden graffiti hotspots and open air galleries. Stopping by an artists’ studio and the city’s only street art bar and gallery, the tours also give you the chance to meet the artists themselves and buy affordable artwork.

Our tours have been developed in close collaboration with the city’s leading artists, enabling us to share their personal stories and motivations, together with the most spectacular art the city has to offer.

If you’d like to join us on a tour, get in touch to let us know when you’d like to come along. We recommend taking the tour at the beginning of your trip. Make sure to book in advance as spaces are limited! All tours are in English.

Graffiti and street art tours in Buenos Aires
graffitimundo run tours of street art and graffiti in buenos aires

Group Tours

Our group tours provide a visually stunning introduction to the vibrant world of urban art in Buenos Aires, sharing the art and its compelling history. Meet artists and visit the only street art gallery in the city.

- tours run every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
- tours start at 3pm from Colegiales and last 3 hours
- explore the city on foot and by air conditioned minibus
- $25 USD per person (including our mini-guide to Buenos Aires)

graffitimundo run tours of street art and graffiti in buenos aires

Private Tours

We are happy to arrange private tours at any time or day of the week, whether you have a particular interest or would just like a private introduction to the scene.

- tours can be arrange to suit your schedule and interests
- private transport, including pick up and drop off
- studio visits, gallery tours and private viewings can be arranged on request
- Contact us for pricing & more information

graffitimundo run bike tours of street art and graffiti in buenos aires

Bike Tours

For those who prefer to cruise the streets on two wheels, we run bike tours every Sunday in collaboration with Biking Buenos Aires. Spaces are very limited so it’s recommended to book well in advance!

- tours run every Sunday from Palermo
- tours start at 3pm and last 3-4 hours
- includes bike hire, helmet, refreshments & our mini-guide to Buenos Aires
- $45 USD per person – contact us for more details & bookings

graffitimundo run tours of street art and graffiti in buenos aires

Hidden Walls Tour

Explore the hidden historical barrios of Buenos Aires to discover huge scale works by international artists such as Blu & Gaia. Ideal for architecture enthusiasts and photographers.

- tours run every Saturday from La Boca
- tours start at 3pm and last 3-4 hours
- explore the city on foot and by air conditioned minibus
- $35 USD per person (including our mini-guide to Buenos Aires)

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“A Tour for People Who Don’t Go on Tours!”
I learned so much about street art, and Buenos Aires history on this tour, which was given by an engaging, thoughtful, and intelligent guide. Amazing art, terrific commentary, and such fun! Don’t hesitate to go, even if you have the slightest interest in street art, and if you are somebody like myself who never goes on tours.

“Really brilliant! I can’t recommend this enough!”
I’m so glad I went on it because I learnt lots, saw bits of the city I just wouldn’t have got to otherwise and I was also lucky enough to get to meet a local artist and go inside her home/gallery which was completely decorated by all her street artist friends!

“What a first day in Buenos Aires”
I’m here for another six months and I will never look at graffiti and street art the same way. I highly recommend the tour for anyone.

“Fantastic experience”
This tour is a “do not miss” experience. I and two friends from Philadelphia had been in BA for several days, loving it all, and after this tour we had a much richer sense of the city and it’s people.

“One of the best things we did in BA”
Doing much more than bringing to life the gorgeous murals you’ll see on almost every Buenos Aires street, it’s an absolutely crucial insight into contemporary Argentine socio-political history.

“Great tour off the beaten track!”
This is a must do for all urban art lovers, and also a very good alternative for those who are keen to see Buenos Aires from a non-touristy point of view.

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