Tec is a founding member of FASE, a multidisciplinary art, design and music collective. He began painting in the streets during the 1990’s, initially taking advantage of the city walls for promotion of his band, and later finding in those same walls the potential for expression through art. After having experimented with letter-based graffiti, Tec became more interested in the visual power of iconic images. He developed a signature piece, a cartoon image of a fish cut in half, which came to represent him in just the way a name-based tag would.

Together with the DOMA art collective, Tec and FASE were the driving creative force behind the muñequismo movement – a graphic design influenced form of street art which stood out for its use of latex paint, bright colours, friendly characters and overwhelming positivity. The movement was hugely influential in defining the aesthetics and philosophy of urban art in the years following the 2001 economic crash.

Tec remains an exploratory and prolific artist, painting colourful works on urban walls as well as found objects and canvas. He recently shot a documentary of a journey he made along Ruta 9, a highway that has largely fallen into disuse. Along the way he stopped many times to film himself as he painted massive, brightly coloured murals on abandoned structures next to this defunct highway running through the countryside.

He continues to travel the country looking for unusual and inspiring places to paint, and his works can be found on walls and in galleries throughout the city.