Sonni has been painting on walls and subways for a decade, and his colorful creations can be found among many of the collages of cartoon characters throughout Buenos Aires. Sonni creates cheerful child-like creations such as friendly monsters and household objects – his signature character is a smiling cartoon toilet paper roll.

Sonni is one of a number of artists who have used their graphic design and illustration backgrounds as inspiration for urban art in Buenos Aires. Together with other artists from similar backgrounds, Sonni helped to define a movement that is referred to as muñequismo, a style of street art defined by its playful cartoon aesthetic. Artists used cartoon stylings and latex paint and brushwork to create friendly characters from bright blocks of color.

A fluid relationship has developed between the worlds of urban art, graphic design and illustration and Sonni is one of many artists from Buenos Aires to benefit from the ability to cross over with his art. Now living in Miami, Sonni continues to paint in the streets while working for top design agency Friends Like These.