rundontwalk formed in 2002 and was one of the earliest art collectives to begin painting after the economic crisis of 2001. Inspired by the chaotic and creative energies pervading the city at the time, rundontwalk became one of the most prolific art collectives active in Buenos Aires, thanks in large part to contributions made by the artist Fede Minuchin who works exclusively with stencil.

While stencil art in other countries became popular as a way of minimising time spent painting in the street, rundontwalk have taken full advantage of the relative tolerance shown to street art in Buenos Aires. Over time the collective’s works have become increasingly ambitious in complexity and scale, resulting in masterful stencils that would be impossible to put up in less permissive environments.

The work of this collective has been heavily influenced by punk and skate cultures and pieces frequently explore social themes, satire and politics. While many of the group’s pieces encode provocative messages in their clever combinations of images, rundontwalk is equally well known for its playful works, especially its series of exotic, domestic and hybrid animals.