Malatesta’s career as an urban artist developed following a successful run as an international pro-skater. He returned to Buenos Aires in 2002 after living and skating for several years in New York and Japan.

Throughout his travels, Malatesta recorded everything that inspired him in scrap books, creating beautiful works of collage which combined images from books and magazines, as well as drawings and photos. When he returned to Buenos Aires he found himself in the midst of an exploding street art scene, and became inspired to transplant the art from travelling books into his own changing urban environment.

Malatesta incorporates a number of different artistic techniques into his work, including drawing, painting, wheatpasting, stencil art and sculpture, and his arresting street art usually incorporate several of these techniques in each piece. Away from the walls Malatesta experiments with sculpture using materials such as scrap metal, wood and other found objects.

Malatesta’s art draws upon his formative influences, his attachment to skate culture and inspiration from his travels, and his work demonstrates eclectic imagery, urban flair and unique personality.