Chu is a founding member of the DOMA art collective, and one of the early pioneers of street art in Buenos Aires. He was an important participant in an artistic movement which responded to the 2001 crisis. Thanks to artists like Chu, urban walls which had been previously monopolized by politicians, activists and advertisers were suddenly full of colour.

With his background in graphic design and animation, Chu brightened the streets with friendly cartoon characters in bold eye-catching colours. The positivity and vibrancy of his art, pared with its childlike simplicity engaged the public, and demonstrated the power that street art has in transforming public spaces. These early urban art movements in Buenos Aires played an important role in defining the relationship between the artists, street art and the public.

Chu’s recent paintings often feature bright primary or neon colours, and while he has continued to refer to his cast of cartoon characters in his work, he also explores a very different creative path based on geometric abstraction. Off the street Chu has developed a successful creative career based in painting, graphic design and animation.